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Don't Think Your Business Doesn't Need A Website? Think Again....

Don't Think Your Business Doesn't Need a Website?

Brandy Vasquez, New Image Consulting
As a business consultant, I hear this question a lot.  Does my business really need a website? 
There are plenty of businesses out there that think no they do not need a website for their industry, line of work, or for whatever reason people may concoct to not have to go through the pain of building a website.  What I will tell you is this.  Do I, as a professional business consultant think you need a website?  Yes, yes I do.   But it's not just enough to have a website.  It's not about going on WordPress and creating a fly by night website.  If you are going to build a website, you have to build it to look professional.  So do you need a website, yes, but it needs to be done right.

Today's technological world requires that people interact online.  Almost anything and everything can be done online.  You need your driver's license renewed? Do it online.  You need to order flowers for your loved one?  Order it online.  You want to talk to a customer service rep about an issue but you don't want to call, chat online.  The way of direct communication and interaction has gone digital.  So why would you think you wouldn't need to follow the already placed model of online interaction with a website?

Great example.... let's say you decide to open up a dog grooming shop.  You have a nice store front, you spent serious cash on getting the place well equipped with the latest technology to ensure quality production.  You even create a Facebook page because a) you know how to do Facebook and b) you know Facebook is great exposure.  But in your rush to get things going, you decide Facebook is enough for an online presence and you do not need a website.  What do you think this says to people who are looking for a dog groomer online?  For one, your main competitor down the street has a website.  Not only does your competitor have a website, but she has a website with pricing, grooming tips, pictures of happy doggies, a place to book an appointment, and a social interaction portal.  Who do you think is going to get more online business?  You with your Facebook page or your competitor with their cool and very efficient website?  If you guessed the competitor, you are correct.  This is why... people want to know that they can trust who they do business with.  We all hate giving away our money and the last thing we want is to get screwed right?  So if you are going to go online and you see one company has a website, with pricing, information, etc... and another company only has a Facebook page, what seems more professional?  What does this say to the potential consumer?  

This is what a consumer thinks if you do not have a website or if you have a bad website:

1) This business is completely unprofessional and unreliable.

2) This business is either too cheap to put money into their business or too poor.  What does that say about the quality of the service they provide?
3) What is this business hiding?  By not having a website, I cannot research information on this company which seems shady to me. 
4) They don't have the information I need so I am going to go the the business that does.
5) Their website is horrible, I'm not going there.  It's too busy or outdated.

This list goes on and on.   In today's world with everything at our fingertips, people use the internet for practically anything. More than 20 million people shop online, and most people spend half their day logged into something.  And your missing the boat why?  Because you don't think you need a website?  Maybe you think it's going to be too expensive to build one?  Maybe you think having a crappy website is better than not having anything?

I am not going to say it will not cost money to properly build a website.  Whether you choose to go the CSS/HTML route or if you use a templated website like GoDaddy or Wix, you will have to pay something to have a good website with a solid URL. And it does require either skill or money to get your website displayed on a good web page.  SEO does not happen over night and their are methods behind the madness.  But is it worth it?  YES!!!  A business without a website is like a king without a crown.  It just isn't good business practice.  Your business means something to you.  There is a reason why you started the business in the first place.  One of the first things you should budget for is a website.  Your customers depend on it.  This is how they interact and Facebook will only take you so far.  Don't be THAT business.  Be your business and proudly display that online. 

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